Want to Terminate Permanent Alimony?

If you want to terminate permanent alimony, Parker & DuFresne, P.A. may be able to help.  In the 2013 case, Gregory v. Gregory, the Fifth District Court of Appeal set out what judges must determine when a party seeks to terminate a former spouse’s permanent alimony award because the former spouse is in a “supportive relationship.”

In Gregory, the former wife had been awarded permanent alimony in 1983.  Twenty-nine years later the former husband attempted to terminate the alimony because the former wife was cohabitating in a supportive relationship and she had inherited over $400,000.  Although the trial court determined the former wife was in such a supportive relationship, it only reduced the monthly alimony by $200.00!  The appellate court reversed the trial court because based on the facts alimony should have been terminated altogether. 

If you wish to terminate your permanent alimony obligation, section 61.14 (b), Florida Statutes gives you the game plan.  You need to seek an attorney with the experience to not only establish facts but who is also able to present them to the court.  At Parker & DuFresne, P.A., our attorneys have years of family law and trial experience to assist you in terminating your permanent alimony obligation.  Call us for a consultation today.