Florida Exemptions


  • 160 acres outside a municipality or one half acre in a municipality, including a mobile home or modular home used as a residence. Unlimited value subject to the provisions of BAPCPA.


  • Retirement benefits - Public employees-100%
  • Retirement benefits - county and state officers and employees-100%
  • Retirement benefits - Firemen-100%
  • Retirement benefits - Police-100%
  • Pension money of U.S. pensioner: 3 months if needed for support
  • Retirement, profit-sharing, stock bonus plans, annuities qualified under IRS 1986-100%
  • Retirement benefits - Teachers-100%


  • $1,000 of equity in one automobile per debtor


  • $1,000 of personal property per debtor


  • $4,000 of personal property per debtor (effective 07/01/2007)


  • Government employee benefits – 100%
  • Health insurance - public employees – 100%


  • Disposable earnings-head of family earning <= $500/week-100%
  • Disposable earnings-head of family earning > $500/week: greater of 75% or 30 X federal minimum wage
  • Disposable earnings: non-head of family: greater of 75% or 30 X federal minimum wage
  • Wages, travel expenses, or unemployment compensation payments under § 222.15 (travel expenses shall not exceed $300)
  • Unemployment Compensation Benefits - 100% except for support obligations


  • Life Insurance proceeds-100%
  • Life Insurance policies - cash surrender value or proceeds of annuity contracts-100%


  • Disability benefits-100%
  • Health aids, professionally prescribed-100%
  • Social Security, Public Assistance Benefits – 100%
  • Veteran's Benefits - 100%
  • Workers' compensation benefits – 100%
  • Damages for injury or death at work, hazardous occupations -100%


  • Alimony, child support - amount reasonably necessary
  • FL Prepaid College Trust Fund/Medical Savings Account -100%
  • Earned Income Tax refunds or credits; does not apply to debts owed for child or spousal support
  • Pre-need Funeral Contract Consumer Protection Trust Fund-100%
  • Partner's Interest in Partnership Property – 100%
  • Fraternal Benefit Society Benefits - 100%
  • Crime victim's compensation - 100%
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