Bankruptcy Glossary

Absolute Priority Adequate Protection Administrative Claim Adversary Proceeding Allowed Claim Appraiser Asset Assume Automatic Stay Avoidance Power Bankruptcy Bankruptcy Code Bankruptcy Court Bankruptcy Estate Bankruptcy Judge Bankruptcy Petition BAPCPA Bar Date Business Bankruptcy Chapter Chapter 11 Chapter 13 Chapter 7 Claim Class Confirmation Consumer Debtor Consumer Debts Contested Matter Contingent Claim (or Contingent Debt) Conversion Core Proceedings Cramdown Credit Counseling Creditor Current Monthly Income (a.k.a. CMI) Debtor Debtor Education Deficient Filing (a.k.a. Skeleton Filing) Discharge Dischargeable Debt Dismissal Disposable Income Docket Equity Executory Contract Exemptions, Exempt Property Filing Fees Fraudulent Transfer Fresh Start Going Concern Value Insider Insolvent Involuntary Bankruptcy Joint Petition Lien Liquidated Claim Liquidation Liquidation Value Matrix Means Test Median Income Test Meeting of Creditors (a.k.a. 341 Meeting) Motion to Lift the Automatic Stay No-Asset Case Non-Dischargeable Debt Objection to Dischargeability Objection to Exemptions PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) Party in Interest Perfection Petition (or Bankruptcy Petition or Petition for Relief) Petition Preparer Plaintiff Plan Post-Petition Post-Petition Transfer Pre-Bankruptcy Planning Preference Presumption of Abuse Priority Claim Pro Rata Proof of Claim Property of the Estate Reaffirmation Agreement Reorganization Rule 2004 Exam Schedules Secured Creditor Secured Debt Statement of Financial Affairs Statement of Intention Substantial Abuse Transfer Trustee Undersecured Claim United States Trustee Unliquidated Claim Unscheduled Debt Unsecured Claim Unsecured Creditor Voluntary Bankruptcy Voluntary Transfer