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Alternatives to Bankruptcy
Learn what you can do instead of filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
An Overview of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
Learn how Chapter 7 bankruptcy works.
An Overview of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
The basic steps involved in a typical Chapter 13 case.
Are You Eligible for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
Learn whether Chapter 13 is an option for you.
Bankruptcy FAQ
Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
A summary of what's involved in a typical Chapter 7 bankrupcty.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
What it takes to successfully complete a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Decide If Bankruptcy Is Right for You
Is bankruptcy a good idea or not? Here are some things to consider.
Eliminating Tax Debts in Bankruptcy
Most taxes can't be eliminated in bankruptcy, but some can.
How Bankruptcy Stops Your Creditors: The Automatic Stay
After you file for bankruptcy, the automatic stay offers potent legal protection against bill collectors.
Reasons to Use Chapter 13 Instead of Chapter 7
In some situations, it makes sense to file for Chapter 13.
Tell the Whole Truth When You File For Bankruptcy
Don't get clever and try to hide property. It will come back to haunt you.
The New Bankruptcy Law
Here are some of the major changes you should know about.
What Bankruptcy Can and Cannot Do
Bankruptcy is a powerful tool for debtors, but some kinds of debts can't be touched.
What Is Bankruptcy?
Basic information on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
When Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Is Better than Chapter 13
Most people choose Chapter 7, if they have a choice. Here are some reasons why.
When Chapter 7 Isn't the Right Choice
If you can't wipe out enough debt, or if you have to sacrifice too much property, Chapter 7 may not be worthwhile.
Who Can File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
Learn about eligibility rules for Chapter 7 -- including the new "means test."
Your Obligations Under a Chapter 13 Plan
Learn which debts you must pay back when you file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Articles & FAQs